Editing the front page

Hi folks,

I'm wanting to remove the 'latest files',  'newest members' and 'latest blog' from the front page, especially for non members, logged out users. 

I'm running the external pages plugin, which file/where do I need to edit to remove those links?



  • jckm, you can use the mainpage plugin for this. I'm not sure it can be done in externalpages plugin.

  • I noticed that.........Seems pretty complicated when I just want to delete a couple of links.......

  • are you using custom_index plugin ?

  • As D asked, are you using custom_index. In fact to have those widgets appearing you must be using that plugin. I can tell you right now that the question you are asking is possibly the most asked question in this community and there are countless discussions that a quick search (search in topbar) will give you the result.

    Someone may have even written a page in one of the groups on how to do it.

    What you are looking for is:


    Warning, the [area1],[area2] etc. is controlled by the below file. The area setting depends on the order that the plugins are listed in the last line of code in the file below. [area1] being the first thing listed etc.

    If you want to add things you also need to edit the following file:


  • Thanks for that, sorry, should have searched, although I doubt I would have known what I was searching for...............then again, who does? :)

  • hehe, welcome to the fun part of elgg learning! Took me a year to finally work out how things worked with the system etc. The sooner you get started the sooner it becomes a lot easier.

    Good luck.

    P.S. There are plenty of elgg sites around by 3rd party devs. You can check out their index pages to see what can be done with the custom_index plugin.