Profile read access


The elgg profile fields default access are "Friends","Public","Private" and "Logged in user". 

I am strugling to add another option such as "Friends of friend" or "Memer of group that the user is a member" to the access options. 

It is only a read access and I am not sure if I need to use permission check plugin hook or there is another way. Is it possible to overide the elgg core functions?


If there is a code somewhere that you could give me, it is much appreciated. 





  • Elgg does not have a elaborate roles and permissions system built into core. Although in theory this could be built using a plugin, I think that computing the access control features you describe could be very time consuming and really slow down your site. I recommend sticking with the access features that Elgg provides.

  • Thanks for your response Kevin. 


    So, basically, there is not an easy way to add another access option to the default elgg access features. But it makes sense to have some way to add additional read access options to profile metadata without forking core code. I do not know how to do it.


    Thanks anyway.