Custom html/css/js etc in Pages

I have found a very useful jquery tooltip plugin which suits our needs for future online language courses. We are happy with the functionality and would like to implement it to Elgg (pages, or group pages), but the editor doesn't accept the HTML, CSS and js links etc.

Could it be done in the form of an iFrame or external link?

The above example is far from the finished product.

How should I proceed?

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  • DhrupDeScoop, you have completely missed or misunderstood the problem at hand.

    Of course I could easily link to a pre-built static html page with the code embedded etc, and yes it would work, but that is not what I am asking here. I am asking how I could replicate this effect (if you even looked) within Elgg, within the Pages module.

    The problem, as it stands is that when I copy/paste the html/css it is not read or displayed correctly.

    a) read the post, b) brush up on your posting etiquette.

  • "..implement it to Elgg (pages, or group pages), but the editor doesn't accept the HTML, CSS and js links etc".

    Your problem is caused by HtmlAwed config rules filtering out the html etc.. ;-( You'll have to edit the rules to allow those language constructs that the tooltips jQuery needs to operate. I have piddled with the Pages PlugIn, etc to incorporate functionality external to Elgg supplied features before...

    There may be some brushing-up on HtmlAwed config rules involved .. but it is not that difficult to achieve what you are seeking ;-)

  • it warnt that difficult ;-P  tho cud have taken less time if i had the code to embed without having to hunt for something simple suitable...