Moving from 1.6.1 to 1.7.x

Good morning everyone. I currently manage an Elgg site running on 1.6.1 hosted by Arxive. It is interesting what you learn along the way. When I initially deployed this site I didn't create a new plugin theme, I just made my mods to the existing site. (Yes, I know it's the wrong way, a.k.a. the previous statement, what you learn along the way :-))

I am planning on moving the site to a new server with a new domain etc. Which means I have the opportunity to rebuild the site the right way. I know the normal process is to make a backup, restore to a new location and then copy in the 1.7.x into this site and make the tweaks and changes. (at least that's my understanding)

Is there smart way for me to set up the new 1.7.x site properly with a plugin theme etc, get all my plugins the way I want them etc, and then just import my data in from the previous install so the users, pages, blogs, groups and discussions?

Thanks for all your help!

  • If you have made any changes to the core elgg files of 1.6 you will lose them on upgrading.

    Now if you want to upgrade, copy the db, data files of site to a development environment in 1.7.7 first, run the db ugrade. Put your new plugin and themes inside mod directory and enable them.

  • @ Peter First of all make sure what changes have you made in your current installation, the best practice is not to ever modify the core.. If you have done it, The Upgrade process is going to be a tough job for you. But If you have only the Pluings and Themes Intalled.. .Then it is very easy instead.. Just install the new 1.7.x Elgg to new Domain and Copy your coustom Pluings there.. AND Enable the Plugins..

    That's it and you are done...(Let me know if there are other issues... I'll Try to find answers :))


  • Which core files did you modify?  you can save all the changes you made to views by copying the modified views into a plugin.

    i.e. if you changed:


    Copy those files into a plugin like so:


    You can do the same with any language files that you edited.

  • Thanks guys.

    So, I have created a plugin so i am good to go for the upgrade. I have installed MAMP on my local server to test the migration.

    I exported the database and installed MAMP. I have changed strings in the DB to point to the right site URL and dataroot. It seems like everything should be good to go.

    I just can't login into the new instance on my local server. I ran the upgrade, I get the login page, I disabled all plugins.

    I get the login page, put in my username and password and it just loops me back to the login page.

    I even tried to create an account and that worked, but I can't login with that account either.

    Any suggestions?