Customising thewire

Hi, I'm trying to customise TheWire plugin. I'd like to change three things:

1. the title, on the dashboard bar drop down and on the text area title.

2. increase number of characters to 400

3. Chose a larger font in text area.

Is this possible and if so where should I look.....



  • you can change a lot of the actual words for the wire in the language file. The very first line should address the title, remember the left side is the "code phrase" elgg uses to associate what it actually puts on the screen. if you want to change something, doing it on the right side.

    text size is going to be a css styling issue, the text area, if you mean inputing text size, would be in the the wire mod itself, views/default/thewire/css.php. at or near line 109 is

    textarea#thewire_large-textarea {

    width: 664px;

    height: 40px;

    padding: 6px;

    font-family: Arial, 'Trebuchet MS','Lucida Grande', sans-serif;

    font-size: 100%;



    you can manipulate the text size here.

    your last question, i wrote a blog about this


  • Gosh Zakary Venturo, if I knew you had written a blog post on increasing the character limit, it could have saved me a couple of few minutes. ;)

    I was just wondering if there is anyway to make it unlimited. I have removed the character limit from the form. But, how to define an infinite integer on start.php? I tried with INFY. But, it seems that this turns the constant into float.

  • I haven't ever thougth about it. 

    It should save fine without limits. although it might layout incorrectly for other reasons.