Serious Issue meaning I have to re-save 160 peoples profiles :( and wonders how it is happening? Donation for help!


I Have Site Access installed (The latest version for 1.7+)

on my 1.7.6 Version of Elgg

and Im also using 5.8.1 of the Profile Manager tool,

now when a user registers they fill out there profile in the registration box and click register/save

This information is saved 100% I know that and its also saved as 'Public'

but another user who browses that members profile sees nothing! no profile no nothing! just name and picture!

Whats happened?

I as an Admin see nothing wrong I see there profile always hence 3/4 of my sites members have this problem and I never realised and it now explains why people aren't getting involved as they can't see any other members profile information and thats key to this site!

How can they fix it?

all they have to do is click 'edit profile' make no changes and click save then yeeha it all comes back which I now have to do for my xxx amount of members to fix the situation but it wont fix any new user registrations,

can anyone understand whats going on?

It seems somethings affecting how its saved as public but what?!?!?

I was using profile manager 5.5 and thought it may be that but updated and tried again yet nope its still a problem!

Strange? indeed if you can help then please let me know!

I'd very much appreciate it and send you a small donation as a thanks (I earn no money from my website and have to work 40 hours a week at englands minimum wage to run it lol!)



  • No. If the profile information is saved as metadata on a user, it defaults to public. You'd have to explicitly change the access id to ACCESS_DEFAULT (or -1) for it to end up as -1 in the database. Doing this means a bug in the code that saves the metadata.

  • if anypart of the code has no reference to access than I struggle to understand how it could set it to -1 !!

  • I like your website djSupport. I hope you get it fixed :)

  • djSupport - even though an access control may not be displayed with the fields of the registration form, the values entered in the form are saved as metadata with access information. If the saving code does not specify the access level, public is used. It sounds like there is code on your site that is specifying the access level as -1 or ACCESS_DEFAULT. Elgg core does not do this so it must be coming from a 3rd party plugin or a custom hack.

  • Thanks for you help Cash I'll try and diagnose but going back over my members it seems to have happened really early on when there was less mods or non!

  • Cash is correct, default with Elgg when registering your user metadata will be created public (as the user entity is also public).

    However this is changed when using the Profile Manager plugin. As stated in the release notes of version 5.2

    - fixed: profile fields used filled on the register form (and admin form) now listens to default access level

    DEFAULT ACCESS will be used to create the metadata. But you stated default access is public, so that should be the case even when using the profile manager. I've not heard before about this going wrong with the profile manager, so maybe there is another issue present.

  • Thanks Jeroen, any ideas on the best way to debug this? because I haven't worked it out yet... :(

  • I ahve got exactly the same problem! I do not have installe siteaccess, but I use profile_manager.

    As djSupport wrote if you save in the "profile edit" everything goes right, the same if you create a user from the admin panel, but if you do from the registration form metadata are registered with access_id  = -1.

    I tried to change the adduser.php and metadata,php; forcing to save access_id = ACCESS_PUBLIC, but it did not work..