Serious Issue meaning I have to re-save 160 peoples profiles :( and wonders how it is happening? Donation for help!


I Have Site Access installed (The latest version for 1.7+)

on my 1.7.6 Version of Elgg

and Im also using 5.8.1 of the Profile Manager tool,

now when a user registers they fill out there profile in the registration box and click register/save

This information is saved 100% I know that and its also saved as 'Public'

but another user who browses that members profile sees nothing! no profile no nothing! just name and picture!

Whats happened?

I as an Admin see nothing wrong I see there profile always hence 3/4 of my sites members have this problem and I never realised and it now explains why people aren't getting involved as they can't see any other members profile information and thats key to this site!

How can they fix it?

all they have to do is click 'edit profile' make no changes and click save then yeeha it all comes back which I now have to do for my xxx amount of members to fix the situation but it wont fix any new user registrations,

can anyone understand whats going on?

It seems somethings affecting how its saved as public but what?!?!?

I was using profile manager 5.5 and thought it may be that but updated and tried again yet nope its still a problem!

Strange? indeed if you can help then please let me know!

I'd very much appreciate it and send you a small donation as a thanks (I earn no money from my website and have to work 40 hours a week at englands minimum wage to run it lol!)



  • Do you see the info as an admin? What is your default site access?

  • I see everyones profile as admin, but I created two test users neither could see each others profile untill I clicked edit profile then save (thats all) and then the other test user could see all the profile fields!

    Allow account activation via email?  NO

    Auto activate account? (does not enforce email validation)  YES

    Send join events to River Dashboard?  YES

    Require invitation to register? Requires plugin "invitefriends" NO

    Require coppa to register?  NO

    Require site Password to register?  YES

    Walled garden is NO

    Basically the site is for finding local friends to go and learn photography with so its essential the details are availible for people to search I've been wondering why members are filling out vast arrays of information at registration but then dissapear never to login again and this is probably why :(

  • when I say I see peoples profile I basically saw both test users profile before one was re-saved so the other test user can see

  • djSupport, new user profiles are saved as private on your site, that's why only you as admin can see them. Please check your default access level in administration->site settings. In case it's set to private, changing it to public/logged in should fix your problem.


    In case this don't fix it, you can either find out which plugin causes problem and fix it or apply a quick fix by creating handler for create user event with priority 1000 and set registered user to public/logged in then.

  • The problem can be duse to your default site access Make sure its turned to public/logged in. Disable those plugins and try our registration once more and check whether its showing proper

  • you mean this?

    Changing the access setting only affects the permissions on content created in the future.
    The default access permissions: Public

    because its set to public!

  • @djSupport you could write a test statement for this, auto edit/save as a work around, which would provide the content to users regardlesss of this error. 

  • and Mike how would you go about that? I assume what your saying is make a plugin or put that somewhere to force it to public no matter what?

  • Have you tested if it works with SiteAccess and/or Profile Manager plugins disabled? Maybe it's a bug in the plugins' code that saves the profile data as private regardless of default site access level (hardcoded access level?). You should at least track down what exactly is causing the issue to fix it at least for future accounts. Then only fixing the current accounts remains and even though it's a little time consuming editing/saving 160 profiles seems not too much.

  • Im too paraonied to stop them while the sites being used :-/ and thats alot!