Sites, Notifications, Share Button and Fan Pages

Okay, so I have been browsing, searching and going through plugins for the past few days and I haven't found anything specifically related to these things and was curious if perhaps I'm just missing them or someone could point me into the direction of dev articles to help me start in making them for myself.

So we'll go in the order that I have them listed up top there:

Sites - Is there a plugin for a sites directory. I saw the Bookmarks which might suffice for what I need but I guess the best thing to ask is am I able to modify this to require approval and perhaps force an image upload? If not is there something that would do this for me? If not Dev article to help me get started?

Notifications - Is there a plugin for Inline notifications. Like when someone posts on nyour profile message board, replies to a group discussion, a friend posts on the wire? If not is there a dev article to help me try and make it myself?

Share Button - I could have sworn I saw something where it's possible to post to your profile from a share-like button on FB. I was wondering if someone vcould point me toward that or toward the API article to make a button like this. Pretty much I want to provide my users with a button that they can put on their site and that button will allow them to click on it and either login and post or if they are already logged in it will allow them to post to their profile a link and description sort of thing.

Fan Pages - I know there are groups but I was wondering if there was something like a Fan Page. No Group discussion like a Group. More like a Profile with Fans instead of friends.

Thanks in advance for the help everyone. ^_^