NI - Help integrating a semi-complex elgg site

Hello everyone,

I'm an experienced PHP programmer who has been put in charge with integrating a new elgg social platform with a deadline in late february. I have taught myself many a system from scratch - but this time around I thought I'd recruit some outside help to make this particular project run smoother. That is, avoid time spent goofing around experimenting and making silly newbie mistakes.

I am sure that one of you experienced fellas out there have a much clearer mental roadmap for what needs to be done to get this site up and running - so I'd like to pay for that expertise, get the job done quicker and in a nicer way.

So I would like to get a quote from you for the following:

1) Initial consulting and guidance on how to integrate and configure elgg to reach our goals. 

2) Be available pr. email if I have specific questions regarding integration

As mentioned before the project should be done by end of february - and I think we have more than ample time with that deadline. We will be hosting the elgg setup ourselves. You would probably not be doing any actual coding - just guiding me on what the best approach would be, what plugins to use etc.

This is what we need to get done:


  • Set up (initially 6) social platform sites (maybe this can be done with groups?) - which would be seperate workspaces for different teams. The teams do not need to communicate with each other, and should be segregated into their own workspaces.
  • We need to be able to easily - preferably as automated as possible - set up a new social platform (group/team/project/whatever terminology you like)

So basically we have 6 groups of people who have their own private workspace each - doing a project which can run indefinitely. There should be a team leader, who is responsible for managing all aspects of the workspace/group and who is the only one who can invite/set up users etc.

Common for all 6 projects is a super-admin who can log into all the various workspaces and do admin tasks.


  • The user dashboard should look something like the screenshot I've seen at  (
  • The users should be able to post to a community wall (newsfeed of sorts) and should be able to comment on said posts
  • Calendar - We need a calendar which the team leader can update with events, deadlines etc.
  • Assets/Downloads list - List of files (PDF/Powerpoint/Video etc) which users can contribute to
  • Knowledge database - A list of external resources (url's to relevant stuff users find in their research) - this can maybe be combined with the item above
  • Forum - A forum where people can start threads and discussions
  • Message system - an easy way (a la facebook) to send messages to group members. Should have email notification.
  • Possibly a live chat function
Now this is - as I see it the hard part - we need to be able to pull some content from elgg and show it on the "main" website (The elgg projects will be login protected - but there is a public website front-end) This is the data I need on each project:
  • Project name and a description of said project
  • Pulling a list of emails of all the signed up users for a specific project (for use in our external newsletter system)
  • The project manager should be able to select content which will be posted to the public site. This could be anything from the workspace: Uploaded documents, articles, regular html content etc. - basically we need a cms-type editor interface within elgg which saves content to the db which we then can pull out to the main site. We are a bit fuzzy ourselves on how we could make this work - so any and all suggestions are welcome

I hope this doesn't seem too daunting and if you are thinking to yourself "But hey, that's easy!" - then you're the guy I need :) - I will pay up front via. Paypal. So, send me an offer and maybe a rundown of how confident you are you can help me out here - and we're in business.

Thanks for your time!

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