Cant upload photos

Hi, I have an error every time I upload a photo for my profile.

Error: "Sorry, there was  problem to upload a profile icon"

Please How fix that. And cant upload photos in tidypics.

Please help me.

I have GD library enable


No puedo subir fotos ni en el profile ni en tidypics. Me dice error. Porfavor que se puede hacer para solucionar este problema. Habia leido que podia ser el GD library que no tiene mucha memoria php. Que lo configurara pero no se hacerlo. Si tienen un tutorial o una solucion porfavor necesito su ayuda.



My server information:

PHP version 5.2.14
GD Enabled Elgg requires the GD extension to be loaded
IMagick PHP extension Disabled
exec() Disabled Required for ImageMagick command line
Memory Available to PHP 64MB Change memory_limit to increase
Memory Used to Load This Page 11.07 MB This is approximately the minimum per page
Max File Upload Size 10MB Max size of an uploaded image
Max Post Size 20MB Max post size = sum of images + html form
Max Input Time 60 s Time script waits for upload to finish
Max Execution Time 30 s Max time a script will run
GD imagejpeg Enabled
GD imagepng Enabled
GD imagegif Enabled
EXIF Enabled