Error, if I login

Hi all,

ich found the Elgg Script and put it on a Webserver.

I Configure all, and register an Account.

But if I Want login, the Site Crash, i dont know why :(

U Can try it out

  • Maybe it would help, if you would provide us with some more details first. While I would try to help you and give you an answer in case I know the reason for your problem, I am NOT eager to create an account at your site to do so.

    What exactly is the error that occurs? Does it occur when logging in with the site admin account you created during installation and / or with other accounts, too?

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  • So,

    i made an Server at, an Free Hoster, where i can Test and modify that Script.

    So i loaded all the Files that i Extract on my Webserver.

    Then i install that and could make an Account.

    My Friends can make an Account too, but if they go on that Site and put their Username and Password and click on Login, that MSG Comes:



    What in English means:

    Error: connection failed
    Firefox can not connect to the server under


    The site could be temporarily unavailable, please try again
    If you can open any pages, check your
    Network connection.
    If your computer or network by a firewall or proxy is protected,
    please make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Internet.



    Maybee the Webserver is too Bad for that Script, you know some Webservers for Free, on that Elgg is working?