TidyPics Photos Missing

Today I migrated my website to a VPS from shared hosting account, everything seems to working fine except 75% + of my photos are missing.  Has anyone seen this before or have a suggestion?

  • Metastrings and datalists are good - i've searched both for other possible old entries.  As for PHP version - how can I find out that information?

  • go to your control panel and find phpinfo or upload a phpinfo.php file to your elgg dataroot and check from url like www.yoursite.com/phpinfo.php it will display your all settings for php if php is 5.1 then you need to upgrade it to 5.2 or 5.3

  • what hosting are you using?

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  • @rjcalifornia - i'm on a VPS @ wiredtree


  • They are all working now - it appears like it just took a while for all the albums to update.  Strange.  Thanks for the help @ghumanz  I appreciate it.

  • NP I fixed this before I know it is very irritating thing. We are here to help each other. Enjoy !

  • I have the same problem. when i moved my site a small number of the pictures show up, but a majority of them don't. i changed settings in elgg_metastings and elgg_datalists to the new root location, and i have the correct permissions set on the folder, and they are still not showing up. i am able to upload new images fine. why would some of the photos show, but others will not? i'm running php 5.3.5 with an apache server.

  • I've had this problem with missing pics every time I've switched servers, tried all of the above (with varying success) but finally found the most likely cause of this frustrating error - server timezone!

    I've found that if you switch servers and your new server is not set to the same time zone as your previous (or original server) some Tidypics (and profile pics too) won't appear.  For example our original server was set to EDT - if a UK user (on BST) creates a profile or uploads a picture at 1am on 1st June (for example) then the server (on EDT five hours behind) would log that as being created/uploaded on 31st May.  No problem whilst the server remains on EDT but when we switched to a UK host (on BST) links for everyone who created a profile/uploaded a photo during the five hour window of time when the EDT server and BST timezone showed differing dates, would experience this problem.  Hence why some pictures disappear after a server switch and some don't.  It all depends on what time of day the user originally uploaded them.

    Be careful to check fully what timezone your server is on - I've found that several php config files are set to BST whilst the server was running EDT.  Confusing!

    Alternatively just replace your processor with a flux capacitor - that should fix it!


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