New to elgg, need help removing elgg logo from topbar and others

Hi everyone!

After fiddling around with elgg I finally figured out what I was doing and there are a few things I need help with.

- Remove the elgg logo from the topbar

- Redirect users, after logging in, to the profile and not dashboard

- Wrapping profile content

I tried removing the logo by going into the page elements folder and altering the elgg_topbar.php file, but that didn't do the trick. As for the others, I don't know how I would change the redirection to profile so I'm hoping one of you could help me with that. And with profile wrapping...I noticed that when I enter more fields into the profile editor, instead of the content wrapping underneath my profile picture, it remains in a small column on the right. I want to change that.

I appreciate your guys' help!

  • Welcome to elgg and have anice time here. Many of your questions are already answered here multiple times.

    1) Download a theme from the plugins section. And modify its code. This will help you in future problem free upgrades

    the file you need to change are header_contents and elgg_topbar

    2) to redirect the users after login, search here for loginredirector or something similar

    3)if you want to add more fields to profile you can either use the edit default profile option or profile manager plgn available here/

    Best of luck

  • I looked up login redirector and didn't see anything. I'll be sure to check again.

    As for the profile, I don't think I may have explained what I meant clearly enough. I know how to add more content to the profiles. The problem I'm having is that the added content, once it passes the threshold of the profile picture and the text below it (i.e. Edit Profile Icon, Friends, Friends of), it doesn't wrap underneath the profile picture. Instead, the text acts as if there was still something on the left-hand side, and the profile column is small.

    Thanks for your help with the first part! I'm going to try it out right now.



    Turns out I did remove the elgg logo properly! I just didn't realize that one of the toolbar plugins I installed put it back on me! I also found the loginredirector you were talking about. For some reason I had to search it all as one word. Typing "login redirect" or "login redirector" didn't find it for me.

    I still need help with my profile though.

  • - Wrapping profile content

    "Not rocket science; but Elgg science". :p Editing the layout of the profile page would need playing around a bit. If you're very new to Elgg, get used to with it first, my suggestion.

    I have done re-modeling the profilepage before. So, I can assure you, it can be done. :)