Spammer has trashed my blogs

I can not delete users who have posted over 7000+ Blogs.  It has gotten so bad, I have given up completely on blogs.  Is there a way of deleting the user and blogs, in fact if we can even delete all of the Blog data across the site at this point would be fine.

When a user creates too many entries (or a SPAMMER) Elgg has no way of deleting the user to delete the entries at that point without just kicking out memory errors.

Really looking for any recommendations

  • Can be done/ fixed.  There has to be some pattern that can be used to flesh out  the bad blogs in order to auto fix.  My team has encountered only  few such patterns to detect. You might be better off posting in the Professional Services though... The magnitude/ extent of your situation will require quite some effort...

  • what version of Elgg are you using?  

    When you delete a user, everything gets deleted (Blogs, files, pictures, etc). So, instead of deleting blog per blog, just delete the user and all blogs will be gone too


    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • correct ! later vers 1.7 etc do that, earlier vers will need more tlc

  • I had a benign encounter with a Chinese spammer on the blog plugin too. When you delete the user, the blog messages of that user become invisible *hooray*, but actually they do stick around as little orphans in the database.

    Had the pleasure of rickrolling the 小开溜. Staked him out with .htaccess and mod_rewrite on the blog/add url.

    Seems grinding is not confined to WOW anymore. They just hand fill out the captchas and blogs.

    Gol Gol community

  • spams got real bad , and I have measures in place , stopforumspam , recapatcha , what else can i do to fix this , it generally goes for the blogs ?

  • Is there a plugin that requires you to manually accept new members? You get notified and say yay or nay kind of thing? I'm doing my best to keep them out, but it's a daily chore. What's worse is that most of them don't have IP tracking.

  • think there is one that lets admin give permission before you let them onto your site , can't remember the name 

  • I use Site Access plugin to set a site's password. People who want to register in my network need to know this password, otherwise it is not possible to register.

    I have no new spammers after setting this up.

    And, Gdog05, Site Access may work for what you want: I think you can config it to not allow email registration (and then only activates a user when you do it manually, through Site Access, I suppose)


  • This is a Google search query some probably Chinese outfit is using:


    Imagine sitting all day behind your pc grinding sites. Registering. Filling in captcha. Going to your mailbox. Clicking the link. Amazing.

    Four links down from the Google result that led to Gol Gol I find the same type of adverts. The other in between seem to have blanked the blogs. So it is just running down the list.

  • Thanks Yuric, I found the link even:   I think it should work fine, seems to be going OK so far at least. I'll give it a week, and then start cleaning up my blocked IP list.