This website is slow

Well, last 30 minutes I observe severe pereformance issues with THIS site - it takes now minutes to save message, to perform search etc.

What is the actual reason of such behavior? I see no hundreds of ppl right here right now online, so reason is probable hosting server. Am I right? Anyways, I don't think its good idea to have running slowly.




  • if you haven't noticed, there's a profile spamming this site right now. look at the dashboard man

  • Sorry about the problems. We had multiple spammers hammering our server.

  • hey brett, i noticed runs under nginx and on the requirement page to run elgg requires you to have apache. why doesn't it give options like you can use apache, lighttpd, or nginx?

  • It will in 1.8.  In 1.7 and before Apache was the only officially supported server, but others are possible with extra config:

  • hmm i see, yeah i was thinking about switching to nginx. i'm gonna test one out on a linux VM environment. when do you think 1.8 will be released? i know it won't be out in 4 weeks, the date on that keeps fluctuating. you guys are doing a good job though, having new releases frequently now compared to a few years back

  • 1.8 will be released when it's ready ;)

    1.7 run fine on nginx, you just have to manually configure the rewrite rules.  Don't need to wait for 1.8 to try nginx.

  • in your opinion, do you think nginx is better than apache?

  • "Better" is pretty subjective.  nginx is a great proxy, and I think it is easier to configure and more flexible, but because it has to use fastcgi's API for PHP, it can be slower than apache when serving PHP pages.  Unless you're on an extremely high profile site, the difference is probably completely unnoticeable.  nginx really shines in serving out static content, so some people will set nginx up to forward PHP requests to an apache process, and serve static files itself.

  • *Subjective in "depends what you want to do."

  • Sorry I wasn't being specific, which web server would be the best choice for elgg that has thousands of users online concurrently using the site? I know that server specs is a major factor but which one can handle the load without having such a high CPU usage. I shell into my vps and check the CPU usage, with just me alone the CPU percentage jumps to 20 or around there fluctuating when I just view the dashboard