Plugin compatibility information / deprecated plugins

Soon Elgg 1.8 will get released (may it be a few weeks or a few months). I don't know yet, how well all the plugins will be compatible to Elgg 1.8. Maybe a lot of will continue to work, for others new versions will get released at some point. Or maybe there will be a compatibility layer plugin (I believe I remember Cash mentioned that he might write such a plugin). Anyway, some plugins might work with Elgg 1.8 more or less - even if they might not use all the new functionality Elgg might offer.

BUT.... The most asked question after Elgg 1.8 will be released - one of the most asked question here at the site anyway - will surely be once again: "Does Plugin XY work with Elgg 1.8?". After Elgg 1.7 was released the site was flooded with these questions and often people asked about compatibility of the very same plugin countless times.

Once more the suggestion I already made a while ago (this time I also opened a ticket at trac - #2756): It should be made mandatory that developers have to select compatible versions of Elgg when they upload a new plugin or release a new version and this information should then be shown in the plugin stats. This will help to reduce the questions about compatibility at least in the future - if it would be possible to add this feature prior releasing Elgg 1.8 the better...

Unfortunately, this won't solve the problem with existing plugins. There are a lot of deprecated plugins in the repository. Some plugins still work even if they have not been updated since Elgg 1.5 was released, but others have stopped working either partly or fully with Elgg 1.7. One way to sort out this issue could be to flag all plugins that haven't been updated for example for 1 or 2 years as deprecated and create the Category "Deprecated" for these plugins. These plugins shouldn't be included in a normal search anymore either or should only appear clearly as deprecated. The developers could of course update the plugin information regarding compatibility or could release a new version to get again listed within the supported plugins. But I see currently no other way how to clean up the plugin repository of old and unsupported plugins.

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