speed of page load

i notice that in this community site there is no 'empty white page' as a new page loads.. yet on my site the browser window goes totally white for a few seconds in between page loads..

is there a setting to change this somewhere? i have yet to find one.


  • i just found that if you set the style of the main site html tag to have a background colour then between page loads the screen is at least a colour that you choose rather than white.. which helps a lot on a darkly themed site.


    <html style="background: black">

    so that's an improvement at least.. 

    i'd ideally like to have the site working as this community does, where the page view doesn't change until the new content is ready to be displayed.

  • Nick I use the time between page loads here to read the Sunday Times or trim my toenails....think of it as "free" time!

  • haha.. 

    i've only got 10 toes!