some kind of problem on my elgg site

i'm still having the same problem back when i was still with shared hosting, the problem is that at some point in the day, the site prevents users from logging in and registering. the only solution to fix this is to rename a plugin. i don't wanna have to keep on relying on this, because i won't be awake when people register or can't login when i'm away and what not. so can someone please tell me what's wrong with this? or is anyone having the same problem?

  • Is this problem show in IE or all browser , it is in IE only then try to addthese lines in .htaccess

    #RewriteBase /

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

    and check it after that, your problem looks like a cache problem in IE and you did not mention which plugin you rename to fix problem.

  • i don't think it's an htaccess problem, i used firefox and chrome, the same problem is there. to fix my problem, i just randomly chose a plugin, which was videochat by Jeroen, and it fixed my problem.

  • That sounds like a mysql database problem....

  • Have you done any site upgrade since the problem has started and which version of Elgg are you using currently? You might want to run upgrade.php regardless if you have upgraded your site or not as it seems to me rather an issue of the site cache.

    Maybe one of your plugins is not fully compatible either. You could also disable caching at least temporarily to find out if the problem still occurs then - if not it's further evidence that the caching is causing the issue and if the problem still persists you know at least that it's not caused by caching.

  • @rjcalifornia perhaps

    @iionly it's a fresh install of 1.7.6 and i started a new database for it. i'll see if the problem still persist when i wake up today

  • What non-core plugins have you installed? Maybe some plugin interferes with registration/login.

  • @Cim - Follow up on what RJ said. This is almost definitely a DB connection problem.  What sort of message do the users get when they can't register / login?  Have you checked your server's logs for OOM errors or connection failures?

  • @brett the same problem occured today and i'm not 100% sure but i have a feeling it's the videochat plugin. i tried renaming zaudio to _zaudio and still couldn't login but when i renamed videochat to _videochat, i was able to log in. idk wth is going on. let me check my logs

    i checked my logs and nothing weird in the mysql logs but this error keeps on appearing:

    PHP Fatal error:  Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0, referer:


  • @Cim It is your hosting. You are getting that error because of a database error. I recommend changing your database. Or talk to the Live Chat Support of your hosting solutions. When that happened to us (PHP Fatal error:  Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0), it was a database error that occurred on our hosting.

  • @rjcalifornia it's not my web host, i am running a VPS with CentOS installed as my operating system. i installed mysql via command line so i doubt it's my web host. also i'm not using phpmyadmin. i'm gonna try to rename other plugins other than videochat if the problem still persist.