tracking registrations as a conversion in google analytics and adwords


I am running Google adwords campaign for my elgg website and I would like to track conversions i.e. when a customer registers, so I can track which ads create me the most registrations.  How do I do this?

Google offer a code snippet to add to a 'registration confirmed' page but Elgg does not have such a page, just a confirmation message, and a developer has told me I cannot add the google tracking snippet to this elgg confirmation of registration message.

How else can I track individual registrations using google?

I have Google Analytics running on the site as well as the Analytics plugin.

Thanks for your help on this


  • You could fairly easily add a successful registration page when a user confirms their account.  If you're using the default user validation by email, just override the page handler with your own plugin, check if the user is confirmed, then spit out a confirmation page instead of forwarding to the dashboard.

  • Brett,

    Thanks for that, I will give it a try.

    Do you have any idea if a google tracking snippet can be added to an overlay, or must it be a whole page?

    And is it possible to replace the system messages (registration complete, etc) with overlays.  Some user testing has shown messages are disappearing before customers finish reading them (and also I would like to add more info about checking spam box for verification email, etc). Can I replace some system messages with overlays?

    Thanks for your help