Help !!

I uploaded Elgg to my shared server, and I was able to setup the database correctly. then I got an error that Elgg is not able to save to the data folder ( where users save thier pics...) after playing with folder rights for many hours, I called my hosting service, network solutions and I was told that I can not set the folder rights to 777. I am not able to move beyond that setup page :(

I need help... anyone ?

  • Is the data folder outside the Elgg folder?

  • You can set different path to your data directory and set rights there, or change hosting provider. Untill you change the access rights to data folder, you won't be able to use Elgg.

  • Yes the data folder is set out side the Elgg folder, the only thing I did which is not according to the installation documentation, is I installed Elgg in a sub folder from the root folder. But I did the modification listed in the Installation Docs

    I find it hard to believe that Network Solution does not allow something simple like that, I beleive the bug is on my side not the server.

    by the way , I am in Huntington Beach CA ;) 

    I would love to talk to someone about this with voice, much faster, 760-563-2672,

  • OK, I deleted the past install and started fresh, still not able to install it properly. My Hosting provider is Network Solutions, my hosting service is since 1995, but I never used the Linux side, I am a Windows System Admin.  Maybe this is why I am running into so many issue for such a simple installation :(

    I am getting stuck back again at the 404 page not found error !!! something to do with RewriteBase path !!! I think !!! its directing me to a page URL that has "action" instead of "actions"...  thats where I am now  :p

    if you have time and did install Elgg on a Network Solution Shared Hosting Package, I would love to chat with you and find out what I am doing wrong...

  • Forbidden

    You don't have permission to access /~1813893.1965445/htdocs/data/15/1/161/78/1813893/user/1965445/htdocs/elgg/engine/handlers/action_handler.php on this server.

    Any thoughts ??

  • This can't be happening to me, over 8 fresh installation so far and still not able to install it correctly !!! any one who installed Elgg on a shared hosting package ?


  • Nope, I already contacted my hosting servic and we looked over system requirements and all other issues, and I should be able to run Elgg with no problems. I think my problem is the path after "RewriteBase" , because its shared hosting , my path looks like this:

    So if you installed Elgg on Shared Hosting with, plzzzz tell contact me


  • For the 404 error : check whether your .htaccess contents are same as that of htaccess_dist