Issue with my tool administration

I tried to install the plug-in manager and got the following scenario


There is no way to enable or disable any plug-ins or move any of them 

Also, when I try to hit save, it tells me the extension on top of the above picture is not valid.

I uninstalled the plug in, and my whole tool administration screen went blank.

Now, whenever I try to leave this page, it logs me out. So I log back in and try to leave the home page, it logs me out again.

Is there any help for this problem?



  • It might be an issue of Elgg's cache not being up-to-date. This might have already started when you enabled the plugin manager plugin for the first time. Depending on the version of Elgg you are using, the cache might not have been updated completely at this time and there might be some fragments left in cache even after removing the plugin again. You can run the upgrade.php script in Elgg's root directory. This should empty the cache and hopefully everything will work again properly.

  • Thank you for the response.

    I am using version 1.7.5

    I really dont know how to run the upgrade.php script. Could you or someone else tell me how that is done. I am still too new to this and don't want to mess it up.




  • @Seeyab :  go here :

    When you are making changes to Elgg, you can disable the simple cache and file path cache by going to admin> site administration

  • Run http://URL.TLD/upgrade.php and see what happens. If the issue persists, you should disable the plugin. Maybe a compatibility issue.

  • Thank you folks. I will try that.

  • I have disabled the plugin, but it still left me screwed up. I even uninstalled it.

  • hi

    what works for me is disabling the plugin then  using my FPT client to delete the plugin out of the mod dir, then going to data/views_simplecache and deleting the cach.  that works for me. also, if you're adament you want that plugin working, uplaod it to your mod so it is now at the buttom of the list and re-enable. just try moving the plugin up and down the list (move it after you have disabled it) i am a newbie myself but i find this works for me.   hope this helps

  • Using the upgrade.php feature fixed the problem for me.

    Thank you to everyone who helped me with this issue.

    I appreciate it.