Some Elgg Projects are Worth Striving For

My Latest Project ;-)

  • Empower children to take control of their lives so they can live free from poverty and debt
  • Reach 100 million children around the world in 2020 with social and financial education and access

-- From the manifesto of one my latest Clients..

-- And the honors go to Elgg and to me..

( Laat de kinderen voorspoedig voor eeuwig en eeuwig ...;- O )



  • "Financial education"? Great topic! "Gold is money it's the only money" (JP Morgan upon forming the Federal Reserve bank in the middle of the night and ramming it through Congress with his cronies the Rothchild and Rockefellers).

    Teach them the teachings of the Founding Father's of the US Constitution that only Gold and Silver are "money" and will ever be "money" and that anything else is a form of debt based slavery to Governments and their masters.

    That is thr true message of freedom for Children and Adults. Anything else is indoctrination into the banker's New World Order, where debt based paper money and digital currency rule the world.