allowing members to change username



how would i go about aloowing members of my site to change their usernames?

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  • Look for 'Settings' Stumpy...

    My site is using 1.7 and any member can change the username in the menu item 'Settings' (in Tools, I think, with the original theme)...along with email, password, language and access.

  • in 1.7.4 in settings you can change your name but you can not change your user name (log on name)

  • @Clyde K : thats display name. In elgg, user's cant change their username. Usernames are unique

  • Yes...Sorry...A new username would require a new registration. 

    My number one email message is "I can't remember my log in info"...I wish people would pick a username and stick with it...using a different username on every website seems to be overkill but many seem to do that.

  • @Clyde

    try some plugin that enables user login through facebook google or openid... for such users



  • Personally @jaxcatz...I get tired of coddling the on line idiots who are so scattered and lazy.

    Many new members sign up but

    1) don't add a photo or personal info

    2) don't remember what they used to register

    3) don't add the site to Favorites or put a shortcut on their desk top and can't find it again (really odd since a google search lists my site in 1-10, or more, of over 3,000,000 hits)

    4) don't read any of the "Help" and "How to..." pages where I took the time to explain how to do everything and anything on my site

    5) then use my personal email to find out their username, password, the website URL, how to post a message, photo, file, blog, etc.

    I have my site out of the kindness of my heart, and at my expense, for people in my circle (and ones in their circles) to keep in touch and share so it gets pretty annoying.

    Add the damn spammers I have to delete every day...

  • Ackshully.. ;-) There *is a way to achieve this renaming of the UserName (internal Elgg UserID).. We do this all the time ;-P  - though it may not be for faint-hearted or amateurs.

    To locate a "lost" UserID -> only needs that user's email address.

    Spammer deletes - Is using SiteAccess -> gives some more control on Admin enabling users after verifying that they're not scum ;) We had several spam users persistently trying ro register (using email '') on one my Client's for several days, but no hope - we just never avtivated them !

    "kindness of.. heart.." ? whachmacallits yr Domain if I may peek..

  • Actually @DhrupDeScoop it is, mostly, the reading and answering of the 'should not have been needed' emails...the info is easily available in 'Edit profile' or 'My manager' to the Admin on my site.

    I am one of the 'faint hearted' so renaming UserName won't be used by me anytime soon.

    As for the Spammers...I get them with .ru, .uk, .ca...many with @gmail (and others) plus many username@websitename.coms too so I check  the latest blogs and the profile pages of every new member several times a day (that is where they all seem to post the outward links).  They all seem to be actual humans posting these links, rather than bots, so far.

    This all belongs under another existing topic where, I might add, no really good solution has been posted yet.

  • I may have commented similarly elsewhere before -> 1st/2nd World SEO savvy Internet entrepreneurs hire 3rd/4th World spam (programmer) teams to hunt for popular CMS's etc and post smarty-ass linkbacks to the entrepreneur's web-sites --> cost = $2-5/ day/ programmer.

    Entrepreneurs get massive paybacks via Google ratings, etc etc, ad nauseum and get a ROI of maybe 10,000% ++ ;-P It's the good old fashioned 'mafia' tactics evolved into the scope of the Web 2 & 3..

    There is a PlugIn somewhere that allows Admin to block registers from marked email domains - might be in the SVN I think..

  • Yup @DhrupDeScoop ...those are the ones with the links leading to handbags, sports equipment, boots, drugs, ad nauseum to websites in dozens of countries.

    It's all about the SEO and Google.