basic security question; screen new members

I just started an elgg.  Before I even begin inviting a few people to try it out, I need to know how to set up the log in features properly.  I created a test person, and registered it with no problem. I filled out  a form and got a conform e-mail and clicked the link. And i, or my test persona was in.

But that is no good. I need a security process. I need people to send me  a message explaining who they are, and ask me to log them in. I do not want  anyone logging in.  I specifically want to ban any one with a non ISP based  e-mail address.  You can guess why.  I can't find anything anywhere to explain how to do this. 

So, to go any further that is what I have to have. tr

  • I like this one and it has a spot for you to instruct how you want your people to register 

    Turn off elgg Registrations


    Well, here are my adventures with this plugin so far. I have never installed a plugin on elgg or anything else before. I got ftp working.  I found this "mod" directory in  the leg. I went to the " turn off elgg registrations" site and hit "download".  What I got is four objects.  One was  a folder called views,  the other was a folder called languages, and  there were two files.  I dragged them out of the downloader and shot them into fetch.  


    Then I went to the admin site  and I found "views" and I tried opening it. I got this message.


    views is a misconfigured plugin. It has been disabled. Please search the elgg wiki for possible causes (


    I removed the  four objects  I put into mod, and tried the whole thing all over again. Same result.  Now I am at a complete dead loss. 



  • Lovegin John

    You need to the plugin with its parent folder into the mods directory. For example, if your plugin directory is 'registrations' where you have views, languages etc, you put the registration directory into the mod directory.

    So it looks like,

    mod/registrations/start.php etc.

    Please let me know if it still does not work.