Looking for a php programmer for social networking site in post development stage

http://www.theatrenetwork.org is UK  based social networking website for theatre creators. we are looking for a php programmer to develop the site further. Ideally we are looking for a programmer to come on board long term so that the site can progress. But the following need to be down straight away.


1-adding a facebook/twitter log in so users do not have to create new profile when they sign up.

2-Implementing new payment gateway ( e.g http://www.theatrenetwork.org/pg/events/view/1420/life-undeath-the-whole-damn-thing

split percentage payments and users to buy and sell tickets.

3-  altering theme- centre justifying, rounded box edges, white background.

4- event set up- adding 'venue' as part of the workflow of setting up an event

5- ability to invite friends to the website and to events- integrating it with gmail/ hotmail etc

6- wire, message board and twitter integration- amalgamating these into a facebook style wall which displays on dashboard- this will then update twitter feeds.

7- enable onsite messaging

8- add comments sections on news and reviews

9- personal profiles- upcoming shows to be included under body text of 'about' section. 

10- change dashboard title on site to 'recent activity'

11- organisation and venue profiles- embedded google map and display address. Needs media galleries, calendar, message board, files widgets- these should visually should be same as personal profile. possibility to set up venue and not become staff member.

12- groups re named forums

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