Are these sites malware or linked to google?

when i load a page on my website i see this transferring data from and whats all these sites for? is it a malware or something else? i only have google ads running on my site, are those sites linked to google?

  • Link your site if you don't mind. I have enough security so I'll be fine. I'll look through the code and see what I can do to find the cause.

  • @jekwumoore I have noticed this on a totally different open source Script that I have been testing out PHPDug a social bookmark script and I have seen the same thing. I looked up and found out it's some kind of Search Enhancement that can let publishers monitize Search Data hope I am explaining this good enough. As far as it being Malware or even Spyware I have no ideas on either one but it could be some type of plugin or addon that could have been installed into maybe the browser I use Firefox mostly and I think I might have that installed somehow. But it was interesting to see you mention it as I was also seeing it myself.

  • sorry for responding late. I noticed it on facebook too so I have nothing to worry about