Prepare group memberships using Advanced search & Join new groups - made ready by admin.

The Form & related plugins seams to heavily utelize metadata functions, and in theory they should cover Advanced search, grapping the members UI and place them in new groups without another heavy registration procedure for the users - that is the administrater prepare the existing members so they are ready for networking in new sub-groups.

However, the plugins are very difficult to understand & configure without examples. But as the documentation behind is easy (at: it should be possible to make a sequense of your plugins "to add the registered members into another sub-groups - according to their interests"?
The most simple taxonomy: Mother-group with all members, subgroups with large or minor fractions of the members.

Please tell me the sequence of your plugins and give me an example to configure these!


Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

User-generated content, flexible user and group profiles, registration forms, custom file forms