creating a simple delete button

Hi Guys,

I have a page that details some information on an object then also returns comments. I'm using a comments hook and not the default comments system.

within the foreach routine that grabs the comments - I'd like either the user that posted the comment or the admin to be able to delete the comment.

within each comment i have saved

$compost->owner_guid as well as a whole bunch of relevant info.

at the very end of the foreach routine as the particular $compost->info is grabbed - I'm not sure if I keep it as simple as something like;

                    if ( $vars['entity']->canEdit() ) {
                    $info .= elgg_view('input/button', array('commentGUID' => $compost->owner_guid, 'action'=>$compost->delete()));


if i need to call an action in which the deletion happens...(and be more specific with the IF routine prior:

if $compost->owner_GUID == $_SESSION['user']->getGUID(); {

// and then an OR if is admin

$info .= elgg_view('input/button', array('commentGUID' => $compost->getGUID(), 'action'=> "{$CONFIG->url}mod/myplugin/actions/comments/delete.php"));


Any thoughts or suggestions - any help greatly appreciated.... :D




  • Okay *bump*

    this is where I'm up to.

    Within my page (object) I have all the comments ($compost) listed and during the foreach routine I have;

    if ( $compost->canEdit() ) {
                        $info .= elgg_view('input/button', array('value' => elgg_echo('delete comment'), 'commentGUID' => $compost->getGUID(), 'action'=> "{$CONFIG->url}mod/myplugin/actions/comments/delete.php"));

    When $compost is saved/added by a user previously - the following is stored (just for the record and if it helps)

                    $comment = new ElggObject();  
                    $comment->subtype = "comment";  
                    $comment->owner_guid = $_SESSION['user']->getGUID();  
                    $comment->container_guid = $_SESSION['user']->getGUID();
                    $comment->access_id = 1; // logged in users  
                    $comment->parent_guid = $entity_guid;

    // more metadata/info/details etc


      Now, the action (mod/myplugin/actions/comments/delete.php) looks like as follows;

        // Get input data
        $guid = (int) get_input('commentGUID');
        $comment = get_entity($commentGUID);
            if ($comment->canEdit()) {
            // supposed to forward to the original object-page.
        } else {

    The result is a button with 'delete comment' but I don't believe the action file I've created is pointing properly at what to delete as nothing happens when clicked. Any advise on where I've gone wrong?

    Help appreciated as always :D thanks,


  • es para el riverdashboard ? como puedo hacer un botón para borrar directamente del riverdashboard

  • @James so, here is the deal. Some developers like mariano wants to be able to delete items off the riverdashboard. He wants a delete me button for every activity of the dashboard...

  • Rightio! - Sorry if there is confusion - What i'm seeking help & advice on isn't related to the riverdashboard, but my own plugin which has its own extended comments system (not the default). Although I wish it was and I had the answers re: river - I'm a borderline amatuer programmer...and just chasing direction for my previous



  • Is your own PlugIn published here so that the borderline professional programmers can take a quick 3 minute review, 2 min re-code/test, 1 min code patch ?

  • @Dhrup - It's based on the blod extended plugin by diago (i think) that you pointed me toward a while back.

    ...he had an extended comments system - but what i worked with (or am working with) is basicially half finished in that regard - hence the above detail of the delete functionality........?

  • Hey James, 

    As in your first post, you'll need to have an action file handle the delete.

    Create the file: "yourplugin/actions/delete.php" then register the action in your start.php like so;

    register_action('yourplugin/delete', false, $CONFIG->pluginspath . 'yourplugin/actions/delete.php');

    In the delete.php put something like this:

    $guid = get_input('comment_guid');
    $comment = get_entity($guid);

    (This is a very simple example)

    Then in your page listing the comments add something like this wherever you want to delete:

    $info .= elgg_view("output/confirmlink", 
            	array(	'href' => $vars['url'] . "action/yourplugin/delete?comment_guid=" . $vars['entity']->getGUID(),
    	      		'text' => elgg_echo('delete'),
    	      		'confirm' => elgg_echo('deleteconfirm'),
  • Gold - thanks, again Jeff :)

  • odd,

    I'm actually getting an error;

    Fatal error: Call to a member function delete() on a non-object in .../actions/comments/delete.php

    ...and despite the error msg page - if I go back to the proper page, the comment has been deleted.

    any clues as to why? I've detailed how the comment object is saved above....*hrmmm*