As a consumer I just try to do my part in offering my very vivid and buisness devoted imagination.  So as far as tidy pics

Upload to files, and automatically goes to tidypics plugin this is a feature that I especially like for most media plugins with elgg.

Allow for category or album organization, this is especially helpful in the user friendly department for end users that take alot of pictures and want to display "family vacations", or " my sweet sixteen"

View gallery- the view gallery can display the albums, usually the first or last upload pic of that gallery.  When viewing the gallery you should be able to choose the album or category of your choice and view only the pic of that album or category

Edit- editing is a big part of pics cropping or such editing of the pic itself is not so much used in community sites, most people will do that sort of thing themselves and then upload.  But being able to move photos from one album to another is a big plus as far as picture albums in social networking sites.  If I could suggest a creative approach in editing your photo gallery the album lines up vertically and you will be able to drag the picture in a specific order. A "X" on the side if you wish to delete the pic. A select box on the right of each photo if you wish to add pic to another made album.

just my thought hope I gave someone a good idea:)



  • what I am dying to have ... search but could found is specifying each type of users... let say through the tidypic admin create groups and assign them to user for the WEBSPACE Allocation... currently, as far as I am aware and the one I am user, allows to set a specific amount of diskspace, BUT that is for all the users... anyone knows how can this be implemented or if there is anything out there ... please can someone point me in that direction... i really would like this feature... thanks BTW.. I like your suggestions @absolute.