Why, and what is, the dashboard

Just one question and the prosectution rests.

The question is: can I (a member) see your (another's) dashboard?

  • Yes, Brett, No is the answer :)

    Then why the widgets need Accesss options? :) What is the sense in choosing "Accesss:Public" or whatever when nobody else can see it?

    Dashboard is supposed to be My Page. The way I want to see the site, instead of clicking all the items under Tools. But does it function that way? Suppose what I want to see is the whole (not Just Mine and Friends') - sitewide blogs, sitewide wires, etc. The blog especially has no option, it is choicelessly private, which is killing me.

    All widgets (where it is relevant) should have 3 options: Mine, Friends', and All.

    I often wonder why I need a dashboard at all, in view of the above.

  • There is no answer coming, so let me ask a few questions for myself.

    ~ Where do you edit widgets?

    ~ How can I remove "Access" from all dashboard widgets?

    ~ How can I add the third option "all" where "mine" and "friends" are the only two options?


  • Because the dashboard uses widgets, but the widget system itself has built in access controls.

    You can go to ROOT/views/default/widgets/editwrapper.php

    line 14

    $form_body .= "<p><label>" . elgg_echo('access') . ": " . elgg_view('input/access', array('internalname' => 'params[access_id]','value' => $vars['entity']->access_id)) . "</label></p>";

    You could then wrap this in something about context "if context = dashboard, don't show else show". Then the access control option would appear on profile widgets, but not dashboard ones.
    The All/Mine/Friends part I imagine is in the activity widget which can be found in the riverdashboard plugin most likely. Have a look at the widgets/edit.php file
  • Frankly, I was under amnesia, thinking of widgets only in terms of dashboard. How did I forget Profile!!!

    Thanks to Trajan for gently reminding me of it, and thanks to Brett for not calling me a "dimwit". Anyway, I won't display dashboard (ah, what a happy thought!), and put all widgets in Profile, where Access makes sense.

    Inclusion of "All" still remains an imperative and I will take a look at widgets/edit.php file.


  • correct me if I'm wrong..

    I two did not see sense in having a dashboard when the profile displays the same thing sow i made a simple change bypassing the dashboard.. this way the user is forwarded to the profile when logging in..

    1.step: create a custom dashboard plug-in or download here

    2.step add this two lines to the index.php file

        $username = get_loggedin_user()->username;

    3.step go to: views\default\page_elements\elgg_topbar.php

    end delete this line (25-27)

        <div class="toolbarlinks">
            <a href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>pg/dashboard/" class="pagelinks"><?php echo elgg_echo('dashboard'); ?></a>


  • Zoli, the Login Redirector plugin can easily do that.

  • The point about the dashboard is that it shows the latest content from all members of the site. The profile is setup to show your latest content. If you don't use the dashboard it's difficult to see what other people are doing.

    Think of the dashboard as the home page of a group except on a site-wide scale.

    @shillo did you solve the "all" issue? The widget is called "river_widget" not activity. I found it in there.

    Change the last part of that file to this:



    <?php echo elgg_echo('river:widget:type'); ?>

    <select name="params[content_type]">

    <option value="mine" <?php if ($content_type == 'mine') echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>><?php echo elgg_echo("river:widgets:mine");?></option>

    <option value="friends" <?php if ($content_type != 'mine') echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>><?php echo elgg_echo("river:widgets:friends");?></option>



    and your problem is solved.


  • I am at a loss, trajan. Can you kindly mention the full path?

  • ROOT/mod/riverdashboard/views/default/widgets/river_widget/edit.php

    Should be it. This will remove the "All" option for the activity widget on profile. It will not remove it for other widgets.