Tagging people / notification


When I post something on my elgg site, whether is is a group discussion, page, file, image, etc; how can I tag "people/users" (like Facebook) so that a notification is sent to them, so that they know and go read the post?  Right now, the problem I have is that I post multiple things on my elgg page, and no body knows that I just post, and I have to go remind them by phone / email.  

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



  • Any comment is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

  • That's all controlled by the other users' notifications settings in their settings page. They can control what they get notifications about.


  • Trajan, please can you be more specific... please. I have the notification running for almost everything BUT the tagging... somehow I am not getting it to work... thanks.

    My options are
    Notifications --> Receive notifications when actions are performed on your content [Friends/Perosnal]
    Group Notifications         

    How can I view more options that?