Hi All,

Not a tech guy, just doing an overview of the engine.  Is Elgg scorm compliant or are there plug ins like scorm cloud that allow asynchronous SCO courses to be posted in the blog? Thx for the help

  • Elgg is not SCORM compliant.  There are no plugins that I know of that make it so.  That would definitely be useful, though, for those of us in education!

  • Hmm. not mentioned "educational" before to catch the eyes of Mr Elggucationally (www.ConnectMySchool.COM;) Federated Elgg Sites ;-) So I had a quick browse at pages and.. seems that WordPress have beaten us to it and have a PlugIn out already. I did read  over their blurb on the "Storm Cloud" -> interesting stuff that !! I will be definitely taking a mucho closer look at this 'new fangled' edu-thingy coz I think it could be used in the grand design of whatever educational toys that I am planning with Elgg.

  • I am a school owener and interested in finding  others who want to co found a plugin for SCORM to work with Elgg. The choice of which plugin to develop is interesting...SCORM cloud can offer some help to develop this plugin, but they will charge per user on top of it. I think a lot better is to choose open source SCORM software and create a plugin for Elgg. I have an Elgg eveloper who can do it but I am looking for a co founder to do it together. 
    Best, Dror  

  • I think this plugin could be funded with use of crowdfunding which was discussed here. I know a few people who could be interrested in it.

  • 'PlugIn' ? There's at least 9 different styles of packaging the 5 different component types into Packages under SCORM CAM 1.2  It's gonna be larger than a semester project plugin !