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There are some exciting changes coming for Elgg!  As Dave mentioned in his blog post, Curverider (the previous funding corporation for Elgg's core development) has stepped down as the primary developer and manager of Elgg.  Instead of a commercial venture, Elgg will soon be managed and supported by the Elgg Foundation, a not-for-profit organization created to protect, promote, and oversee Elgg as an Open Source project.

What does this mean for Elgg as a project?  Great things!  I'll have full details in a later blog post, but primarily this means core development and roadmaps will be a community effort, separate from commercial endeavors.

What does this mean for people using Elgg?  Not very much.  Elgg will continue to be released under the same name with mostly the same developers.  Your sites will continue to work on future upgrades of Elgg.

What does this mean for Elgg's development?  Again, not much.  The core team has been working hard to get 1.8 ready for a beta and continues to do so.  We're making tons of improvements for 1.8.  Look for a blog post soon discussing some of the changes!


  • Quite interesting. It's good to hear that this project won't change much, if at all.

    Which developer[s] are we losing with Curverider out of the picture?

  • Developers who committed code to the open source repository over the last year:

    • Brett Profitt
    • Cash Costello
    • Dave Tosh
    • Evan Winslow
    • Nick Whitt
    • Pete Harris (theming work)

    All except for Evan and me worked for Curverider. The only developer from the Curverider team definitely sticking around is Brett. You can see who has been committing to the repository here. Also check out the cool impact graph for a bigger picture of who has contributed to Elgg over the last 3 years.

  • Dave and Pete will no longer be contributing code to the project.  That means it's Cash, Evan, and me who primarily work on core, with active (and hopefully increasing) participation from people like Jeff Tilson and organizations like MITRE.

  • Alrighty, good to know.

    Is there a group where the normal peoples such as myself can propose changes to the core of ELGG?

    I mean actual core edits/fixes/optimizations, not just random suggestions.

  • aha! so the git repository is where the code is!

    i imagine that explains why i am unable to connect to the svn link that is on the wiki page via rapidsvn?

    thanks for the update

  • Glad to see that this is all coming together!  I've been working with the SVN trunk, where 1.8 is coming together, quite a bit the last few months. I can safely say that there's some cool stuff in the pipeline. 


     The developers mailing list a good start: (I haven't been on there in a while myself) There's a pretty technical bunch there so if that's your thing then jump on in. 

  • We still use the svn repository as our primary repository and the links on the wiki should work. We mirror the svn repo to github.

  • ah ok, i'll have another look soon then. thanks

  • Lovegin John

    Its a good news.  Its great to see that Elgg is moving in the right direction. We all will be happy to support the Elgg Foundation technially and financially.



    Lovegin John

  • Yes, we at MITRE are definitely interested in keeping involved with the Elgg Foundation moving forward.

    I for one am quite happy to see the foundation get off the ground. I think that getting out from under a commercial arm will be a good thing for Elgg, and I am looking forward to watching Elgg grow into a longrunning and successful OpenSource project.

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