Audio Downloading

I would like my Elgg users to be able to create band profiles and upload MP3s but they may not want to give away their music for free.  Is there anyway to modify the files plugin so that their audio files cannot be downloaded afterwards?

  • There's always a way!  It will require knowing PHP or finding someone to code it for you.

    Also, setting the files to a "private" access level will make it so that only the owner can download it.

  • Seems that would make other users unable to listen to the files though.  Maybe after Christmas I can hire someone to figure this out for me.  I don't know enough PHP to do it on my own.

  • You would have to have a "listen" privilege on top of the current "download" privilege. Then you just need to use a basic MP3 player w/ playlist to playback the songs - there are tons of scripts to do that already available.

  • I have a MP3 player for profiles plugin.  If I could just remove the download link for audio files in the files plugin without affecting all other file types that would work.  Even better would be an option to let users choose whether their files can be downloaded or not in case some bands did want to let fans download their music. 

  • Daemonik, if you remove a link, you should block action as well, otherwise someone can input a link to action manually.