how to measure performance of Elgg


can anybody help me with this issue. I need benchmark tools for ellg which can test the performance

in order to deploy elgg later.


  • This question is difficult to answer because it's so broad.  Can you narrow down exactly what you want to benchmark?

    Also, google has a ton of information about benchmarking websites.  Have you looked at any of that info?

  • Brett, a lot of users are asking about Elgg's performance. I think it would be very usefull for a platform if there was a tutorial on how to measure it's performance in various aspects and how to optimize server's configuration, with maybe a few use-cases of a bigger Elgg sites.


    I remember that just after I started working with Elgg I was on a verge of deciding to switch to a different platform because of a (later to be proved wrong) concerns that it had a very unoptimized database structure.

  • @Mike - sounds like we have a volunteer!

  • Cash, I would gladly start such tutorial :) In fact, this is a good start already. I think the most valuable data would come from Curverider though, as I suppose you have the most experience with scaling really large sites. I can write tutorial eg. on optimizing Memchache, but my experience with optimizing Elgg are limited to websites with max of 15k users. has 40k users, Brighton community has 70k users, I suppose there are websites even bigger than them.

    I think it would be a really great aid for new users if you could share experience from hosting those sites in some form of a case study.

    I suppose this is too complex question for an "ask Elgg" feature though :)

  • Y'all welcome to PM us re: FBFK @ ~174K userBase

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