database fields uery


I recently had a problem where someone registered and posted a blog with malicious intent.  Athough I deleted the 2 users (and now have siteaccess installed) and the blogs and everything else associated as a far as possible, there are a couple of fields that I cannot cannot remember whether they were there and  part of the original structure or have been inserted somehow (I just dont remember seeing them before but dont want to delete them if they should be there - maybe I am just getting paranoid!)

in the _api_users table there is a field called 'secret'

the other one is in the _datalists table at the top and is called __site_secret__

Unfortunatley since the hacking there is now a problem with the dates - a new post seems to show as the previous day - even when I have checked the timestamps in the database.


(sorry my q doesnt work unless i really press hard - the title should be database fields query)