Security and Privacy

Hey there!

I have some questions to Elgg, im on modifiing the newest version for me at the moment and everything seems nice, nearly Perfekt! But i just realised that every user can see everyones, friends, blogs posts, wire posts, files, ....

Thats not that what i have hoped xD Maybe a bit scary for my users. I just want to let friends see stuff from there friends.

is there anything i didnt saw yet?

Or maybe there are already good resources for this thema?

Thx, for any ideas how to fix that!




  • Have not tried it yet, but in Site Administration you can set the default access permissions to "friends". I don't know what exactly is visible then though. Profile pages might still be visible. You can also add the plugin LoginRequired to prevent anonymous visitors from seeing anything when logged out. Some plugins won't handle the default access permissions correctly even when "allow user default access" (ie users can overide the side-wide access level) is not checked. You would have to check out the behaviour of the plugins you want to use.

  • Hey ilonly

    I cant find the Plugin "LoginRequired", but i activated the "gatekeeper" nearly everywhere so THIS is no problem. The function you can set in the Administration area is just the Standard Value for Drop-Down boxes, so it doesnt really help me.

    Yeah just nearly every Plugin has this behavior....

    Is there any function to check if somebody is a friend from yours?

    Or any work around ideas for this?