Geo tagging and display for elgg entities

My efforts for creating a geo-social network using elgg, produced the described results.

please note that I am not a programer. I on;y have expirience in setting up elgg's plugins and adding some customisation.


I tried two methods, 1) using geolocation by pedro 2) using vazco gmap by mike

There is a third option I coundn't understand 3) using content map by txtan


google map by Timothy can be used in all three methods to display the maps as profile/dashboard widgets.

In any case, google maps are used and API key needs to be set up.

I found no plugin or documentation on using open source maps such as open street map.


At first I tried Geolocation. It required minimun effort and enabled me to set and view locations for both users and groups.

Unfortunatly the map itslef did not display map or terrain just the maps outline:


To my understanding, google maps should have displayed site's entities on a map using a dashboard\profile widget - but it didn't do so for me.


2) Gmap required other plugins (site access; form and related; content map). the set up took some time, but gave a good opprtunity to discover the other plugins - they are great.

the result was similiar



I still haven't been able to set up geo-social capabilities using elgg.


I invite you to add and share resources and understandings regarding geo-tagging, geo-social capabilities.. or expanding the mentioned plugins documentations (readme) so that anyone will be able to use them .

I will keep trying and updating, elgg is D best or me.



  • Sef, regarding the vazco_gmap plugin:

    - if you have any questions related to the plugin, please feel free to ask via PM, on plugin groups or on Elggdev. I will try to answer questions on this post as well.

    - what I can see is you didn't define location fields for user profile. Please set up fields with type location in forms plugin in order to make plugin work.

    - google maps plugin you've displayed is not a part of vazco_gmap plugin, it's just google-map plugin. vazco_gmap displays location selector, user's map on profile and map of entities (last one on separate page).

    - we've already rebuilt our plugin to work on profile_manager plugin instead of forms plugin, it gives some additional opportunities. Right now feature is in full version, but we plan to copy it to free version as well when we find time (I didn't know time is such limited resource untill I started implementing Elgg projects ;) ). This should greatly simplify plugin setup.


    Once you configure the vazco_gmap plugin, you can have a really nice results. Some of them are listed below:

  • Mike, I appriciate your reply - thanks.

    the features you directed me too look like a dreami. I've was playing with the geo positioning features for days, with no success. but your post gives me some extra courage to try again next week.

    If I'll get some free time I'll post it to you - don't waste it infront of the screan get a nice cup of tea instead   :')

    btw, its the wierdest thing - google maps doesn't show the map nor satallite for Israel and the Palatinian authourity - the maps that are normally available on this is true for the examples above too. Probably related with the google-map plugin.


  • still no luck with geo-tagging

    @mike - may I send you the site details in private, for you to have a look?