Mobile sites using ELgg


I see some heavy hitters using ELgg, gov's and Uni's, so I'm testing 1.75, but we need a mobi mod, I see one on the site, so we have it download.


Before we go through all this, does anyone have examples of sites running ELgg with mobile pages or even on a .mobi


Google is about to make the serp switch to .mobi as url relevant sites, so .mobi is gonna be the spot to have certified mobi content in, so I'm looking for a social platform with solid support and a mobi mod that doesn't crash everything




So it would be nice if maybe anyone doing .mobi with ELgg can put up links to their site, or post links to sites they know running a or  with it



  • oh the mod on this site for mobile, no longer supported


    so looks like no active mobi support or mods


    oh well


    be back when u have mobi support



  • Adoni2, I've heard of multiple websites using Elgg on mobile devices. There are currently no mobile plugins on, but the knowledge and code is out there. Elgg supports mobile templates quite well. We plan to implement mobile client for Elgg for a client soon as well.


    It requires some work to handle, but it's not so much work.