Are There Any Themes For 1.7.5 Or Should I Downgrade To A Lower Release?

Ive just nstalled 1.7.5 fresh out of the zip and once i installed it onto my server set up admin account etc, ive noticed i dont have any kind of theme on my site, & when i attempt to install a theme plugin for 1.7 themes I get an error & white screen, I finally figured those themes were like 1.7.1 compatable, not 1.7.5. So my question is this, are there any 1.7.5 themes or an easy way to downgrade to like 1.7.1 with little hassle. Any advice would be a benefit.... :)

  • Ot can Anyone link me the default 1.7.5 theme i just need to add some type of layout on it, because i designed my webpages in dreamweaver but idk how to install theme over elgg engine, Elgg is new to me, but I am very HTML, Java, & PHP Literate

  • Themes from 1.7.x are compatible - minor differences between 1.7.1 and 1.7.5. The best way I recomment to start is to download one of the theme plugins, upload to your mod folder, enable with the admin/tools option and start adapting those...

  • am i supposed to refresh the code or do something after i enable a theme plugin because my site still shows a white screen with no css styling just the plugins i have installed as well as the login screen, im stumped

  • <div id="custom_index"> this is one of the plugins for clean index that i have, its not even enabled but the index still calls for it, any idea on how to fix this? my whole site has no css stylings

  • In the documentation is some info about theming ( )  as well as about the WSOD - "white screen of death". WSOD usually happens when something wrong with plugin, 2 times same php function, php syntax errror etc.

    You can disable all plugins, set in site settings debug to  display errors on screen and see what it says... Or... just do clean install, with only the core plugins, and then enable one by one new plugins if you need them. Quickly you will see the one that breaks your site...

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  • Simply enabling a theme should not produce the WSOD. You should try disabling all third party plugins and then try to enable the theme. It will better if you disable the site cache and file cache in site administration. or you can run the after enabling themes. More information awailable in docs including theming and WSOD.

  • I agree. I don't think there should be a compatibility issue with 1.7.1 and 1.7.5. In fact, themes of older version can easily be upgraded as well.

  • Well i have this error now "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home/mywebsite/public_html/engine/lib/plugins.php on line 73'


    As Tom stated earlier I assume this is the "WSOD" or one of the "WSOD". I renamed the whole mods folder to mod1 and it corrected it but now i dont know how to correct this error. I even created a new mod directory & i moved one plugin to it and refreshed my site and still obtained the same error stated above. I am thinking I should do a clean installation and ill do it this time with site cache & file cache disabled. Ill still go with 1.7.5 but if i get the same results ill choose a version that seems to be commonly used such as 1.7.1 etc. (Rips Hair From Head >:()

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    what kind of hosting do you have?