Link to the Original Picture

tidypics looks and works great, but it doesnt give the url to the original photo only to a larger thumbnail like facebook (i maybe wrong, but click on the picture just moves to the next), is this possible to give a link to the original photo on a future update?

  • I guess it is possible, but elgg has was built to protect the original destination of the image. This is a security measure. All images in elgg are rendered view a php script and are not directly accessed. I think this is good, so I won't be directly linking to original pictures.  Also, just FYI , if you right click on the image in Firefox and select "view image" it will give you a linkable url, but as stated, its links to the thumbnail.php image renderer.

  • ohhh i guess i didnt explain myself properly hehehe, i meant a link to the full sized picture, like when you post on the file mod and you click on the picture you get a link to the full sized picture (its not a direct link... its through the "download?file_guid=" but it is the full sized picture), not just the original thumbnail and the picture that is displayed, what you have now with tidypics its kinda like facebook, were you cant download or see the original upload only the thumbnail and the fixed conversion on the page, thats what i meant ^_^ thanks for replying and tidypic does look great