Horizontal latest members question?

I can't get the icons to line up horizontally, I got them out of the box and where I want them. The all fall on top of each other vertically. I can't figure out what's causing this. I do know the submenus arrow are all the way to the right of the layout.

I'm refering to something like what david did:


  • dawgy dang ditzzy ;-)

    this one's getting my synapses burning ;-O

    all the css attrs are correct (float:left, etc)  - just not display accordingly

    i tried override of yr orig css to => display in-line and still... ;;;; breaks like a block !


  • so it's not just me. although it seems that when I have a problem, I HAVE A PROBLEM. My car has been broken for a month. 130MB error log..............

  • could it be the [area3] part that can have an effect?

  • car - you need my mechanic from buddy south

    130 mb log

    on home PC - shut apache and delete error.log, restart

    on server - either ftp and delete error .log or maybe will need apache log rotater

    horiz - my synapses are simmering ;-O

    the .member_icon css atrrs are correct with float:left but the danged block displays as if it's coded otherwise

    i can run saved html here on PC and still fetch fotos frm yr site and firebug it here

    i out icons div with border and bg color to "see" the while div -- it *is 100% wide *but the icons do not float left ! ;-(

    it is as if there is some overriding css instead ;-(

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    From a default install. With the top of the new_index.php file changed to the below. WIll cause that issue. So I narrowed the problem down to a few simple lines of code. ;) right. wishful thinking?



    <div id="custom_index">

    <div align="center">            


    if(isset($vars['area3'])) {

    //display member avatars

    foreach($vars['area3'] as $members){

    echo elgg_view("profile/icon",array('entity' => $members, 'size' => 'small'));





        <!-- left column content -->

        <div id="index_left">

            <!-- welcome message -->




  • yep....;;;;;-O 

    running from my PC ;-)

    I will put comment on my copy of the code on what i have done and email it to you so that you can check out the corrections and change yr code where necessary - mssg me yr email i cant remember if i got already..

    side-effect of sending the image of my PC on this post has helped me figure out an unrelated problem I had with another plugIn hee hee ;;;;-OO)