When 'Tools' menu doesn't drop down

I cut short the main page to just two items: login form and Newest members (since these are symmetrical vertically). As the top-most item I added a content-related slide show, which is working fine, just below the Top Bar, but there is one catch. 'Tools' no more displays the drop-down menu. Is there a wayout?

You can see it at http://www.maythil.com

  • Maybe Javascript conflict ... or your template was created for a former version of Elgg.

    Upgrade Elgg Template - http://ishouvik.com/upgrade-elgg

    Use JS no conflict - Google for it.


    I had a problem with Elgg messages and error messages while using a sliding animation on the homegae.

  • Shouvik, thanks.

    Javascript conflict, possible. Anyway I am going to  check it with another theme.

  • This is 100% a javascript problem.  Try disabling 3rd party themes and plugins one at a time until your site works.

  • Well, Brett, coming from you, I am sure of it.

    I am writing this on behalf of my friend woodpecker, who wrote to me about this problem. In fact, I am convinced the suspicious third party stuff is the slideshow itself, because it is not an Elgg-specific plugin.

    I sat today and dropped the drop-down menu and spread the items along a horizontal bar for woodpecker (he just can't part with that slideshow).

    One important thing is that I discovered a thing or two during the process, which I think is very important. BTW, it is related to the conversation between you and woodpecker about blogs elsewhere. I will post it as a new topic.


  • For Brett. The latest.

    Your posting gave me a clue suddenly. The slideshow in question uses two javascript frameworks: Mootools and jQuery (which is the JavaScript library required by the slideshow). I looked for the parameter values in Woodpecker's installation and found Mootools was chosen. I changed it to jQuery - and lo! - now the drowndown menu can appear over the slideshow. Perhaps you may like to take a look.

    Thanks. Regards.

  • be careful with jquery if you duplicate any javascript that already is imported in the head section weird things will happen...this happened with me two...

  • @ zoli6sic6

    Thanks for the caution, I will remember it. In this case, the entire software (all the files, all the images) that generates the slideshow is in a folder of its own outside the Elgg installtion. In the Elgg index page I use a skeltal script that contains only my site name, elgg folder name, and the path to the remote software.

    The slideshow uses either jQuery or mootools at one time. I think the idea is: use the one that doesn't entail a conflict.