Drop Down Menus in River Dashboard Sidebar?

I've been using ELGG for a few months now and its time for me to organize all of my site 'catagories'.

I would like to create a drop-down menu with all of my site catagories and install it in the left-hand side bar of the river-dashboard.

I'm thinking that the 'Forms' pluggin could perhaps be used for this but I'm not sure.

The only example I've seen of this seems to be in the ELGG Community site itself where there seems to be a whole host of tabs and drop-down menus.

I don't want to create a separate page for this however.

Can anyone point me to a site where drop down menus have been encorporated into the River Dashboard sidebar.

Or, perhaps, any links or documentation anywhere that might suggest how to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance.

  • Check out my implementation of it in the Seashells Theme.

  • @driftwork - can you be a bit more clear (use a picture) of what you want to achieve exactly? RiverDashboard uses sidebarBoxes (not sidebar) so how would you want to work with that? etc. etc. What would the categories be? Links? Where would they go?

    It's certainly possible, give more information and we can help.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Yes, what I'm looking for are two things I guess:

    #1 A way to implant sideboxes into the river. I'm doing this now with a pluggin called: 'Site_Announcements' which allows admins to create html messages in the sideboxes of the River. This pluggin was just recently updated for 1.7.+ (like two days ago) and is actually very useful. It is limited however in that I can only put text there.

    #2 In that space, I sould like to be able to put a drop-down menu that has all of my site catagories. I suppose I could have an array of dropdown menus with subcatagories. (ex: bookmarks, videos, site-function instructions ect...)

    My ELGG site is essentially a resource site so I'm looking for a really good way to provide users with very easy access to all of the site catagories.

    Putting a drop-down menu in the sidebar boxes seems like the easiest way to accomplish this.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.


  • I use Vazco top bar to add menus, though I see you want yours in a specifif place.


  • Am I still not being specific enough?

    Is there a way to handle these drop down menus in the sidebox of the River Dashboard?

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  • Is this something you are looking for ?

    the image above is disoriented... look in the link below



  • Good job, Jaxcatz! I am developing something similar.

  • Well, yes, in the sense that in the 'Sidebox' there is some stuff.

    You've designed some very useful links in the 'Sidebox'.

    I don't really need that because everything is accessible through the top-menus.

    What I really need is a series of drop-down menus in that exact same space where I organize my various site catagories. For example, my site is multilingual and has links for various languages.

    So, in the 'Sidebox' I need to install some drop-down menus that have different links for different languages.

    Example: (drop-down-menu #1) GERMAN > reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar etc....

    I'm pretty sure I can construct these using the FORMS pluggin but I can't find any examples of people then embedding the FORMS they create to appear in the 'Sidebox' in the River Dashboard.


  • @driftwork - GOING BY LINES OF TRAJAN -can you be a bit more clear (use a picture) of what you want to achieve exactly? 



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