We are looking at moving our rather large site (2000+ users) to Elgg 1.1 but the lack of a calendar is proving a show stopper.  Is there a calendar plugin being developed and can I get involved with the development.  Or if there isn't can we start specifying what is needed in a calendar plugin here and I'll start the ball rolling.



  • Everywhere seems to be very quiet about the calendar...

    We could use this thread as a starting point to specify it and
    hopefully if work let me develop it i'll get started soon.  I'm not
    really up on OpenSocial, would it be worth writing it in that?

    The current calendar was written with activecalendar and icalcreator,
    these could surely be reused as can a lot of the current code.  I have
    hacked the current cal to have RSVP functionality and think this is an
    essential feature. Dream spec follows, please add to it then we can
    start putting the database and code together.

    Calendar page with different views, Friends, Groups, Public, Own,
    mini cal view of the above to be inserted as a widget

    Dates and times input by jquery ui
    change of details send new details to attendees
    new cal event appears in River
    tinymce event details so pictures can be included
    map details with link to google maps plug in location
    Can link documents to an event, e.g. pdfs etc
    Reminders can be set by email, maybe part of front page widget so
    people don't forget to attend
    export to format to link in with Outlook and gmail, this could be an
    option that then mails the user the code relevant invite.
    ability to put repeats on events, weekly, yearly etc
    ability to place tags on events
    ability to comment on a particular event

    group and personal invites to events
    ability to accept, decline, and not sure
    can enable or disable ability to invite to the event

    RSVP functionality
    Ability to restrict numbers and access
    mails confirming attendance
    waiting list
    ability to cancel attendance and auto promotion of those on waiting
    export to csv of attendees
    add event to your calendar if you RSVP
    Hook to other plugin for when people RSVP (for example when they
    attend a conference, it hooks into code so that they can select the
    meetings they will attend)
    Ability to cancel people's attedance
    Ability to message all those attending

    Post event
    after attending opportunity for feedback and rating.

  • Peter, I agree with you 100%.  A calendar should be a high priority.  I am sure someone out there is on this issue.  I am new to this but it appears what is happening is that there is more requests than developers for these free open source plugins.  I wish I could get a calendar too, hopefully soon we'll hear from someone who knows if or when this is coming because I think a lot of people could get use out of that plugin. 

  • I must agree. I hope one day we'll have this calendar option.

  • Yeah, I would love to see this as well. A "must have" in a social network solution like Elgg ;)

  • Me too! I would love such plugin :)

  • Yes, I would really love to see this!

  • Like everyone here, I also need this plugin.  I am currently working on a lot of custom coding for the site I am working on.  Would love to see the core Elgg developers take this on.  Really is a key component of social networking just like users and groups.