Ajax problem

Respected developers,

i have installed three plugins

  1. profile manager
  2. delete me
  3. Elgg devolper tools

after installing these all ajax related plugins are behaving strange way. for example if you do a rating with fivestar rating plugin, rating saves only after reloading the page. also posting message in message borad view after reloaing page. Like setting saves likes only after we reload the page.

After disabling the plugin also problem exits.

please do the needful.. thank you for your help

  • Dear friends,

    At last I could solve my problem, the problem thing was elggman plugin. when i disabled that every thing came back.

    thank you for your help and support

    Satheesh PM

  • I am getting message like this now... when i contacted customer service rep theny told like this

    Message is displayed when your script crashes during processing and no data is returned.

    Please debug your script to understand better why it is crashing.

    what to do?


    The requested URL could not be retrieved

    While trying to retrieve the URL: http://anushaktinagar.net/pg/pages/view/2469/free-mobile-recharge-offer

    The following error was encountered:

    • Zero Sized Reply

    Squid did not receive any data for this request.

    Your cache administrator is webmaster.

    Generated Tue, 30 Nov 2010 14:49:32 GMT by sv23.byethost23.org (squid/2.7.STABLE9)


  • Looking at the requested url:  sounds like Spam! Like someone tried to insert something that should not be there...

  • my problem got solved. it was not a spam. accidentally php_flag log_errors was on.  and error log file had grown larger than the max allowed file size of apache of 2gb, this then was causing the zeros sized reply.

    now the site is working funtastic.

    I have a hummble suggestion elgg core pluggin friends should have an option to accept friendship request by the user from other members. normaly if one add a member, with out conformation he/she becomes the friend. that has to be changed in core plugin.

    still i know there are 2-3 plugins to do this functionality. but adding more pluggins will create problems in site loading and clashing of one or two pluggins in my case.