How to stop bots registration?

Hi there,
 Can anyone of you guide me that how can i stop bots being registered on my community. I have tried a couple of plugins but they don't do anything. What should i do to resolve this problem?


Elgg ver 1.7.1



  • Have you tried recapcha [not sure if there is a straight forward plugin for it] or uncapcha? If so, maybe you should try using site access, adding a site password, and then just saying right before they register that the site password is 'blablabla'. If it is a basic automated bot, it won't catch it.

  • In my two months' experience with Elgg, spambots have defeated the default captcha and the Google-based recaptcha. Of course, they can also upload profile icons. (I had conflicts trying to use uncaptcha, so I can't comment on its effectiveness.)

    Since using shai_sitecode, I've not had any spammers get through (~2 weeks). This plugin requires the user to enter a sitewide passcode. For my site, the plugin author Dan was kind enough to write a simple hack, that permits several possible answers to a question that my users can answer, rather than one wholly unguessable password. I posted details about this several days ago, on this board.

    Good luck.

  • @ Stephen Sherman

    Can you give more info on the shai_sitecode please?  I found it but there is no screen shot or discussion of it at all...many downloads but only 1 recommend,


  • @Clyde

    I recommend it. Here are the details on the hack that Dan provided for me:

    As with any plugin, try it. If it's not useful for you, disable it.

  • Thanks Stephen...Guess I'll give it a try...your hack won't work for my purposes but maybe I can come up with one that will.