what is the uses of elgg_system_log table ? can i delete it ?

i have more than 36 elgg_system_log table in my databases, is it imoprtnent to have, or i can delete it ?

  • Clyde,

    LOLZ ;-) I was not offering "help for a $fee" ;-P

    RE: " none tell you how to get rid of them " -->

    If you've been following my posts since mid-2009 - you'll know that I have posted a solution many many times before ! I will help people if people help themselves first... but not if people keep demanding answers to the same question and posting "bump..", "anyone..." The one big point that you missed before posting your comment in bold was -- "First (non-developer) one to help gets 1/2 free consulting/ talking from DeScoop ;-P  " --> I wanted help with some info and was willing to give 1/2 hour of time for free technical consulting. Quid Pro Quo ;)

    Since early 2009 I used to spend about 8 hours per day on the Elgg community helping fellow elggsters for no fees hehhh. Do you wonder how I earned my living then ?

    You are right about "... if you message me I will give a quote ! " This I myself do not do.. If I see the potential of a client asking for changes to standard elgg functionality - I might PM them to let them know the situation.. though most of my clients these days find me first.

    PLEASE DO not comment any more of this deviation - The topic is after all "System Logs.."

    I will entertain any more comments here - Open another thread if you want to.


  • @DhrupDeScoop Yes...I realize what the topic is...I posted one similar myself last week when my site would not open and all this time later (and after extensive searching) all I found was confusion and several "if you don't need them just delete them".

    I am only here since this year (not 09) and although I have spent hour after hour looking into this I still can find no informative answer.

    I didn't suggest you were one of 'those' (we all already know who 'those' are) but...I haven't found any of your 'solutions to this' postings using every keyword I can imagine.  Instead I am getting..."this has been answered before" which is absolutely no help unless I can find that prior answer...which I have been unable to do.

    Now today...my very good friends (also basic) site won't open...same thing as what I had...and I can't help her at all after over a week (an Arvixe tech fixed it for me but could not tell me how to make it stop happening either).

    Perhaps YOU can find the links to all the 'solutions to this' and post them for those of us with this problem because WE CAN'T FIND IT! or we wouldn't be asking for help now...Maybe you are a better searcher than all of us.

  • @Stevan

    Thanks ;-) you're trying LOLZ and spending time.. My mistake was - it was actually Evan Winslow who made that one little comment that was ringing in me head that could have saved me valuable time. I did eventually find the post the hard way - search and search and search. However.. You win 1/2 hour of free consulting time from me. Just PM me your techie problem questions ;-)

  • ok ... i am not getting it right but to make this topic the last one on the Zillion series to give Descoop a break :)), i may explain a little about it.


    i went to my Database using phpMyAdmin i found a lot off tables called ( elgg_system_log_1234567890 ) , actually 36 of them!

    i asked is they are necessary ( as they are the Events logged by the system ) , or i can drop those tables from database, as they were making my database huge ( 57 mb ).

    thanx to Descoophe replay that i can drop those table that have numbers after ( Like elgg_system_log_1234567890 BUT NOT elgg_system_log table ) to free some space in my database.


    i guess it must be deleted in Automated bases, but its not !!!


    @ Clyde K , i guess you are facing the problem , were your elgg site suddenly can not make a connection to the database, i face this twice, if that the case, i went to my phpmyadmin when that happen and try to login but it give me an error " too many connections " i asked my host ( godaddy ) he told me that i need to upgrade and that i am using " too many connections ". which i didn't understand, it fixed by it self two days later, i am not sure if this was a bug or hacking, i looked for answer here but i didn't find any myself.


  • @ alysami Yes...'too many processes running at the same time' (25 in my case) was the problem I found with not one single member logged in...and 2 MySQLs running also...more than I am allowed to have without switching to a more expense 'business class' of service.

    After much searching, with no solution found, I finally posted a topic here and just got the same answers of "if you don't need them just get rid of them" and then no other answers about how to prevent it from happening over and over.  I posted in this topic because I saw another person with the same problem and said:

    1) useful for what?

    2) where do you delete them from?

    3) how often?

    and so far have not gotten an answer here either (although I think I'll be able to locate the files from what you have said) and the link listed above by Steven is just another one of those I found before with discussion but NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE OF ADVICE OR A SOLUTION.

    So...The questions: Why would 2 MySQLs be running at all? and What for? Delete From Where? and How Often? regarding the log tables all still go unanswered (and my friends site still won't open).

    (Sure seems someone would have made a plugin to get rid of those tables automatically by now .)