what is the uses of elgg_system_log table ? can i delete it ?

i have more than 36 elgg_system_log table in my databases, is it imoprtnent to have, or i can delete it ?

  • elgg_system_log_1234567890
    can all be deleted - so i've said a zillion times before ;-)

  • zillion times and yet still usfull , :))) thank you

  • this thing about the logs has been discussed for the past 18 months.. but people still keep asking same question ;( always the same answer ! kill them.. for fbfkids.com we also disabled logging altogether.

  • Yes...Zillion times but...

    1) useful for what?

    2) where do you delete them from?

    3) how often?

  • Wouldn't it be nice if someone would extend the logrotate plugin to not only offer the option to set how often the log gets cleaned up but also to turn on/off logging at all? Or maybe offer a separate plugin for this purpose?

  • That would make me happy!

  • @ALL

    DeScoop asks for help ;)

    There have been several different posts regarging the Elgg system_log

    On one of these Cash had made some small comment which I wanna look up but just cannot find which of the numerous "log" topic posts that was on ;-(

    First (non-developer) one to help gets 1/2 free consulting/ talking from DeScoop ;-P

  • Yes @ All...Many topics...all confusing as to the need for the logs and none tell you how to get rid of them.

  • @Clyde

    I offered 1/2 hour free consulting ;-) for any non-developer who can help me locate that post on System Logs - nothing confusing about that.. I have asked for help with Elgg only about a few times in the past 2.5 years. I do not mind helping poeple.. been doing that since 1973, but what would make me happy and would be nice to see other people be also willing to "help". On the community 90% of the members take and take and take, 5% give and give, 5% become my clients LOLZ ;-) Which group do you belong into ?

  • Sorry @DhrupDeScoop  I do a search before I ever post on any subject.  Most here don't have the knowledge or skills necessary to be 'givers' but have their Elgg site for the benefit of others...mostly with the their time spent and costs out of their own pockets would be my guess (like me).

    Often searches find hundreds of topics and pages...all with conflicting or only partial answers...seems like a huge waste to fill up hard drives with useless junk.

    As for the givers...Yes...I am using many  plugins that were totally free and work perfectly and I cannot thank the people who provided those enough but...

    There are also many of those 'givers' whose plugin mods are only partially useful (on purpose) just to tantalize you to buy their full version...and most I have bought are just full of bugs so they sit on my tools page disabled.
    After several months using Elgg I still have several basic unresolved issues which need improvement...each of which got me answers such as 'not sure but if you message me we will give you a quote' and that bothers me.  There is nothing unique about my site so there should be clear answers from the others who have had those same issues before me.

    As I said before I am very grateful for the true givers and would be happy to pay a fee to someone should I want to make specific changes to my site but, for the basic Elgg platform, there should be more answers by now rather than just offers to help for a fee.