front page when not logged in / selecting logo does not go to dashboard


I'm trying to include content in the front page of my site. I'm not using the custom_index - I'm just using the theme. I am however using the RiverDashboard which includes a post form.

In the front page I'd like to include new users, the dashboard and other content. Can anyone recommend how to tackle this? Should I a) work from the theme I have activated or should I work from a different place?

Still trying to understand how things come into place on Elgg, but loving and enjoying it. My php is still at the beginning stages but I'm up for the challenge. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Hmm, perhaps you should start from the custom_index mod and modify that to your hearts content. Thus, you can use your customized index easily, including being able to one-click enable/disable it.

    Here is the main file that is what your front page [aka index] is replaced with when enabling custom_index:



    I have edited this to include upcoming events, which works for me. If you want to include things like the dashboard... well, I just created a plugin for you [and anyone else who wants to use it] to show how widgets work and are displayed, etc etc.

    It is extremely simple and all it does is add a link to the main menu as well as giving users another place to place widgets. Take a look through the code to get a better feel of how you can add widgets to any other mod, such as the custom_index mod.


    Link to my plugin:


    I JUST made this, specifically for this topic. I hope it helps teach you how to make mods and how to use/display widgets.


    Also, if you are using Windows, I suggest using Notepad++ for programming in PHP (or pretty much any other language). It is simple, quick, clean, and has nice PHP syntax-displaying features. Just google "Notepad++".

    Good luck! If you have any other questions/problems, feel free to post.